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The best EFA in the world. Better than Fish Oil.

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Great discounted prices for YES™ Ultimate EFAs are organically produced and cold-pressed seed oils containing “parent” omega 6 and “parent” omega 3.Our EFAs are far better than fish oil supplements. Fish oils are not as pure or as effective as organic or wildcrafted seed oils and can even be harmful. We developed our EFAs to achieve specific, calculated results and they really work.

According to his book Brian Peskin says the body uses twenty times more parent EFAs than derivatives.... more parent omega 6 in the cell than parent omega 3. The body can't make parent EFAs from the derived supplements. YES has parent 2.5/1 ratio omega 6 to 3 because that is what your tissues and organs require.... the CLA GLA omegas don't get converted so can't get into the cell. Muscles contain 5.5-7.5 more parent omega 6 than 3. Skin contains only omega 6, body fat more 6 than 3. If you feed only omega 3 and not enough 6 the body will deliver the 6 to the crucial organs and deprive the others like breast and prostate glands.. Food sources like flax fish oil and seafood can overload the body with both parent and derived 3. This causes an abnormal pattern of EFAs in the cell and unbalances its structure. If we eat adulterated omega 6 in meat and poultry we may be high in omega 6 but unless the animal is pure the oxygenating ability of the omega 6 is diminished and the cell suffers. If we eat a lot of veggies and seafood we may be too high in omega 3.

In a recent Iowa study it revealed that arterial plaque was reduced in 73% of the subjects studied. The report compared these parent oils with krill and fish oil and found that the parent plant-based oils were much more effective and had no overdose side effects. For a copy of the report give us a call 888-217-7233.

Great discounted prices for YES

Fewer Food Cravings

• Increased Energy

• Healthier Immune System

• Softer Skin & Hair • More Restful Sleep

• Increased Mental Clarity

• Gentle Detoxification

• Faster Workout Recovery

120 capsules: 2 months supply

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