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Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology by Nina Anderson

Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology
Worse Than Global Warming: Wave Technology
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Product Description

written to expose a threat to civilization that could happen today or tomorrow, rather than the decades forecast by environmentalists. The unmistakable similarities of current and pre-Great Flood civilizations as unearthed by archeologists, are astounding. Ancient civilizations are thought to possess a high level of technology that researchers speculate caused their downfall, and possibly the cataclysmic events that destroyed Atlantis. Frequency saturation of the precious envelope of air surrounding our planet may be affecting her stability. All our efforts to rectify global warming may be in vain should our new weapons and technology cause a major axis shift to Earth.

Are the ancient prophecies warning us not to repeat their mistakes? Can electromagnetic pulse weapons wipe out our electricity-based infrastructure? Will we trigger a pole shift? Is weather modification technology being used as a weapon? Does science consider long-term effects of atmospheric frequency saturation? Is global warming a natural occurrence or are we accelerating it?

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