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Ebook: Viral Immunity with Humic Acid PDF book (no hard copies)

Viral Immunity with humic acid book PDF only
Viral Immunity with humic acid book PDF only
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Product Description

THIS IS A PDF.. NOT A HARD COPY. PLEASE ONLY ORDER ONE. Find out how good humic acid is for virus control and to help cancer, dengue, Hepatitis, Herpes, HIV, HPV, Influenza, Insect born illness, Warts, West Nile Virus and more. Scientists have determined that to successfully treat many serious diseases, including those caused by viruses, the immune system needs to be controlled selectively. Humic acid is able to do this naturally by suppressing certain immune responses while increasing others. Humic acid's ability to selectively inhibit/complement the body's immune response is one of the reasons it has been successful in treating and even curing diseases traditionally thought to be incurable. We will send via email. This is a PDF. No hard copies available. We do not sell humic/fulvic Ck out

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