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Velvet Agility Cat and Kitten 30 tabs

Velvet Agility Cat and Kitten 30 chewable tabs
Velvet Agility Cat and Kitten 30 chewable tabs
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Product Description

Velvet Agility Cat and Kitten formula is positioned to assist in building a greater life for your beloved Cat or Kitten. Give your Cat and Kitten the best possible chance at the prevention, and assistance, of Feline Hip Dysplasia and take away the need for future, expensive, NSAID treatment WITHOUT THE RISK OF SIDE EFFECTS.

30 chewables 350 mg

Added to the worlds best deer velvet supplement is: Fish Powder Extract, an additional source of Omega for the assistance in joint mobility; Green Lipped Mussel, increases joint mobility and builds tissue; Ginseng, promoted as an adaptogen (a supplement the increases the bodies resistance to stress and fatigue).

We recommend giving your pet Velvet Agility with food. Please allow 5-8 working days for international postage.

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