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The Secrets of Staying Young

The Secrets of Staying Young - book
The Secrets of Staying Young - book
Item# the-secrets-of-staying-young--book

Product Description

The Secrets of Staying Young


By Nina Anderson & Dr.Howard Peiper

ISBN: 1-884820-43-3

Price: $ 11.95 US / 176 pages

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Updated and revised edition of Over 50 Looking 30! The newest information on anti-aging immune support, mens and womens menopause "cures" and natural remedies for longevity.

Nearly seventy five million Americans are 50 plus. Most of them do not look forward to developing wrinkles, losing hair and contracting many of the illness of “old age”. Even the generations in their 30s and 40s are concerned with their health. Not only are they interested in looking better, but they want to feel better and maintain a youthful quality of life.

The Secrets of Staying Young tells readers what they can do, starting at age 30, to stave off the tell tale signs of aging. This book takes a good look at what happens inside our bodies, causing the aging process to rear its wrinkled head. The authors, Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper reveal some interesting ways to slow the proverbial time clock and keep us looking young in the process. Calendars and the clock are not toxic, nor are they the origin of degenerative changes and disease. Passing time does not mean you have to BE old. This book is humorously illustrated by Richard Vail who also depicts the truths and myths of aging.

The Secrets of Staying Young is not about cosmetic surgery, fashion, or weight loss. It is a look at the body as a whole vibrating inter-relating being with each part dependent on the other striving for eternal youth. “In the 65 years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor nutritional management lies at the root of most aging problems. This book gives you the best information currently available and the accumulated wisdom, gathered from an intensive research devoted to natural solutions as it relates to aging.” Says Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D., D.C.

New secrets revealed from ancient cultures through modern discoveries are included; tea’s from the mountains of Russian Georgia that contain longevity ingredients; energy from the sun captured that regenerates cells; herbs that alleviate sexual malfunctions; etc. Natural treatments are included for arthritis, cataracts, Parkinson’s disease, gout, baldness, hot flashes, failing memory and more. Written in cooperation with a professional staff of Dr. William Lowe Mundy, M.D., Dr. Michael Gazsi, N.D. and Kim Christman, R.N. and Certified Personal Trainer. Included is a complete listing of natural products to help you stay young.

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