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The Natural Prostate Cure - book

The Natural Prostate Cure - book
Item# the-natural-prostate-cure--book

Product Description

The Natural Prostate Cure

By Roger Mason

ISBN: 1-884820-61-1

Price: $ 6.95 US / 72 pages

A practical guide to using diet and supplements for a healthy prostate gland.

The Natural Prostate Cure is the most completely researched book on natural prostate health. this book gives an effective alternative to the usual medical approach of surgery, radiation and toxic drugs.

Roger Mason is a nationally known research chemist who sutdies natural products and natural cures for illness. He writes unique books on his findings. Roger appears regularly on radio and television shows advocating natural health.

What is being said about the book.....

"It’s time that men took charge of their health! Roger Mason’s book is a true beacon of life for restoring prostate health safely, effectively and naturally. As a dedicated researcher, he cuts through the lies and misinformation to offer men the facts they so badly need."

-Sherill Sellman,

Lecturer and author of Hormone Heresy

"This is must reading for anyone with prostate disease who wants to take responsibility for his healing of this epidemic problem. Roger Mason has done his homework, and this ‘cutting edge’ information should be read by laymen and professionals alike."

Ken Malik, President Prostate Awareness Society, San Francisco, CA

"By his thorough research of the world medical literature, Roger Mason has made an outstanding contribution to preserving prostate health using natural therapies. His exhaustive investigations leave no doubt that prostate disease has been maltreated, and mainstream therapies, dangerous and ineffective. A void too long ingnored is filled, and the natural treatments work better."

-E.W. McDonagh, McDonagh Medical Center, Kansas City, MO

"Hurray, Hallelujah and Happy Prostate! Finally, someone has taken the years and done the work, so the rest of us no longer need suffer from ignorance as to how to have good prostate health. That someone is Roger Mason, and all that one needs to know in order to have a happy prostate, has been distilled down into this one book. I would stake the health of my prostate on it, and can tell you as a prostate cancer survivor, it is the ONLY way to go."

-Dirk Benedict Actor (A-Team, Battlestar Gallactica, etc.)

(Dirk cured prostate cancer over 20 years ago naturally, with no medical treatment and wrote his story in Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy.)

About This Book

This book contains the distillation of 30 years of prostate research, including BPH (benign prostate hypertrophy), prostate function, beta-sitosterol, saw palmetto and other natural supplements considered to support good prostate health.

Literally every entry in Chemical Abstracts (the ‘Chemist’s Bible’) which contains every published medical article of importance in every scientific journal in the world), was reviewed by hand, one by one. Every potentially worthwhile entry was carefully scrutinized and, when pertinent, the actual article was obtained even if it had to be translated from a foreign language. Each of these articles, in turn, was read carefully and any further references were followed up. This took months of work, which was done by the author, mostly at the National Institute of Health Medical Library (the largest such library in the world) in Bethesda, MD. No one else had ever taken the time and effort to do this much needed and necessary job. All the information was refined and written in plain English. This is the only book that has taken this life-saving information out of the medical journals and put it in the hands of the general public.

In particular, much of the information on diet, supplements, hormone testing and supplementation, and testosterone-to-estrogen ratios has never been taken out of the medical literature, simplified, and published in a mass-distribution book. The dozens of medical citations are here only to prove these facts. No one has ever researched every single medical study listed in Chemical Abstracts for the last 30 years on the amazing and varied potential benefits of beta-sitosterol and brought the findings to the general public. Nature has help for all of your problems, instead of allopathic (symptom curing) radiation, surgery, and poisonous drugs. It’s not the disease that’s the problem — it’s the patient.


Chapter 1: Science and Beta-sitosterol 9

Chapter 2: Other Benefits of Beta-sitosterol 15

Chapter 3: Diet 21

Chapter 4: Fats 25

Chapter 5: Prostate Cancer 29

Chapter 6: Prostatitis 33

Chapter 7: Supplements 35

Chapter 8: Progesterone 43

Chapter 9: Melatonin 47

Chapter 10: Androgens 51

Chapter 11: Estrogens 59

Chapter 12: Home Hormone Testing 63

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