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Rosavin Plus for energy and wellness

Rhodiola Rosea Rosavin Plus for energy and wellness
Rhodiola Rosea Rosavin Plus for energy and wellness
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Product Description

Product Description Used by athletes to assist in ATP (energy) release from fatty acids.

Here are the Benefits of Rosavin ™ Plus: >Helps balance all the neurotransmitters >That may help control the level of cortisol >Optimize energy levels >Improve endurance levels >Assist in increasing attention span >Enhance memory & mental performance >Increase physical strength & mobility >Helps fight the blues & emotional stress >Helps men over come certain sexual disabilities

Rosavin ™ Plus is the original powerful Siberian Rhodiola rosea product first introduced to the United States in 1998. Extensively used in case studies by U.S. doctors, it is also supported by over 45 years of clinical studies in Europe and Russia.

Rosavin ™ is only harvested after a minimum five-year root growth, and then is water extracted & freeze dried to preserve the precious biologically necessary key actives standardized to 3% Rosavin & 1% salidroside. Includes: Standardized 3% Siberian Rhodiola rosea: Rosavin, Rosin, Rosarin, Salidroside, and all Necessary actives

Most drugs have multiple unwanted and sometimes severe side-effects and cannot be taken in combination with other medications. Rosavin ™ has a couple minor side effects, heightened dreams and agitation at high quantities. However many professionals are claiming side benefits rather than side effects! Rosavin ™ can also be taken with most medications other than MAO inhibitors.

Men and women agree Rosavin ™ is the best kept secret in years to promote mental wellness, stamina and energy naturally!

You need a brand you can trust. Ameriden® was first in bringing Rosavin ™ to the professional market in 1998. Rosavin ™ is the only standardized brand used extensively in US case studies. $24.95

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