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The Original Cellular PSP

The Original Cellular PSP size 150g
The Original Cellular PSP size 150g
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Product Description

Non-GMO, Kosher, Hallal Certified, Gluten Free, Peanut & Soy Free

Size: 150g -suggested use: 2-3 scoops a day, then reducing to 1 scoop for maintenance. the original cellular psp, is a rice-based bioactive food powder developed using a proprietary and patented rice grain harvesting technology. the polysaccharides & polypeptides in cellular psp are the only known alpha-glycans, which means the structures are so small that they can be 100% assimilated by the body and therefore completely absorbed into the cells.

Potential benefits of cellular psp: delivers essential nutrients to the cells enhances cellular energy (atp) production up to 54% assists in fighting free radical damage promotes cellular detoxification enhances the immune system promotes healthy skin cell renewal cellular

PSP is the trademark of ingredients containing a unique functional and cellular food formulation of nutrients that are essential for bodily functions. cellular psp contains all of these naturally derived nutrients in a bioavailable form: polysaccharide available as biological fuel for cellular energy polypeptide amino acids available in the right quantity and ratios to be used as raw materials to the cells to perform their functions effectively and promote cellular renewal natural vitamins and minerals as raw materials for cellular enzyme production and overall function phytonutrients provide cofactors for cellular processes.

Ingredients: proprietary oryza ag-psp (hyrdolyzed functional nutrients from selected fractions and strains of brown, short grain and fragrant rice) potential

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