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Nutri Vera Libido testosterone cream

Nutri Vera Libido testosterone cream
Item# nutri-vera-libido-testosterone-cream

Product Description

NutriVera 5% Testosterone Crème for Men Ingredients:

Homeopathic Testosterone

Homeopathic IGF-1 Insulin Growth Factor

Homeopathic Pituitary Extract 30x

Chysin: anti-tumor agent

Estrogen Blocker Hormone

Tribulus Herbal extract

Homeopathic Somatropin 30X

Saw Palmentto Herbal Extract

Mucana Pruriens Herbal Extract

$29.95 4 oz. jar

Homeopathic Testosterone: Testosterone is produced by both men and women. Though it behaves differently in each sex, it has a very important part in the health and well being of each.

Homeopathic IGF-1: Insulin Growth Factor supports the release of Somatropin.

Homeopathic Somatropin 30x: Somatropin is secreted by the pituitary gland and effects every living tissue in the body. DNA technology developed a process to convert amino acids to natural Somatropin called rHGH orHGH. Homeopathic technology creates homeopathic rHGH.

Homeopathic Pituitary Extract 30x: Supports the release of Somatropin. Chysin: Anti-tumor agent

Estrogen Blocker Hormone Tribulus Herbal extract: Increases sex drive by increasing the level of LH (luteinizing) in the body. Increases blood flow to the genitals. Saw Palmentto Herbal Extract: For over all prostate health

Mucana Pruriens Herbal Extract: A natural source of L-dopa and is an effective dopamine stimulator.

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