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Nupro Lyfe Spyce for health compromised pets

Nupro Lyfe Spyce for health compromised pets
Nupro Lyfe Spyce for health compromised pets
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Product Description

Nupro Lyfe Spyce is a proprietary formula developed for dogs whose quality of life may be compromised by debilitating health issues. When used daily it will provide an excellent source of protection for all adult dogs as it works to continually strengthen your dog's natural defenses against harmful environmental factors and oxidative stress by maintaining his/her overall vitality and wellbeing. Can be used for cats too!

>All natural vegetarian formula >Powerful antioxidant properties >Supports strong immune system >Micronutrients Genistein & Diadzein >Healthy medicinal mushroom complex >Non-GMO, organic, cultured whole fermented soy protein (the fermentation improves the digestibility and bioavailablity of soy proteins and isoflavones.)

Ingredients: Proprietary blend (Fermented soy, Tumeric extract (95% Curcumin), Cinnamon, Ginger Root Powder)1002 mg; Miedicinal Mushroom Complex (Shiitake, Maitake, Reishi) 345 mg Other: Barley malt, Black Pepper, Lecithin (sunflower) 425 mg.

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