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Natural Solutions for Sexual Enhancement - book

Natural Solutions for Sexual Enhancement - book
Item# natural-solutions-for-sexual-enhancement--book

Product Description

Natural Solutions for Sexual Enhancement

By Nina Anderson, & Dr. Howard Peiper

ISBN: 1-884820-42-5

Price: $ 9.95 US / $14.95 CAN

88 pages

The National Institute of Health estimates that 30 million men in the U.S. have trouble with intercourse and sexual potency. Testosterone levels which begin to decline in men around 40 years of age is a contributing factor. This is a time when women are at their sexual peak and men experience frustration in not being able to satisfy their mate. Popular drugs have entered the marketplace to assist men in achieving sexual potency. Unfortunately, as these drugs become overwhelming popular, reports of undesirable side effects and even deaths have made users question their safety. As an alternative, authors Dr. Howard Peiper and Nina Anderson offer natural solutions and pose questions about the true cause behind sexual dysfunction. In their latest book, Natural Solutions for Sexual Dysfunction, they describe potential causes contributing to impotence, erectile failure, loss of libido, vaginal dryness and other symptoms plaguing both men and women.

Solutions as simple as making a few changes in the diet can reduce symptoms in certain individuals. For example, beer elevates levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) contributes to the decline of testosterone and elevation of the female hormones and their corresponding characteristics in men. Therefore, avoiding alcohol, especially beer, would be a wise decision for men with sexual dysfunction. In the book, the authors focus on natural approaches to healing. In the foreword, Harvey Diamond, author of “Fit For Life” writes, “as Natural Solutions for Sexual Dysfunction details, nutrients are unquestionably helpful for many sexual problems. A growing number of Americans are finding out what South American, Indian and Asian physicians have known for quite awhile; that herbs, minerals, homeopathy and vitamins all may reduce symptoms.” Those who take medication for a particular condition, especially heart, should understand the implications potency drugs and even natural supplements can have on their illness. The authors stress that sexual dysfunction is the symptom of an underlying cause. Having an artificially stimulated sexual experience may aggravate existing medical conditions. Therefore, they discourage indiscriminate use of any sexual enhancer without first identifying the cause of the problem. This book outlines the many alternatives open to men and women who would like to permanently eliminate sexual dysfunction without the use of drugs.

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