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Natural Eye Care Series: Dry Eye

Natural Eye Care Series: Dry Eye
Natural Eye Care Series: Dry Eye
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Product Description

NATURAL EYE CARE SERIES: DRY EYE is part of an ongoing series educating readers about their vision difficulties, explain prevention strategies, and explore ways to help preserve vision for those with vision disorders. it will enable the individual to be a more informed consumer when it comes to vision care. nutrition and lifestyle choices always play an essential role in helping support healthy vision. this book will help you make sensible, researched, and clinically based decisions to support eye health with recommendations for dry eyes that include western herbs, nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, and additional therapies. you will learn about the underlying causes and be given tools and techniques to develop your own eye health strategies.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Dry Eye Syndrome 7; Types of dry eye syndrome 8; Anatomy of dry eye 8; Three layers 8; Mucous membrane 9; The tear glands 10; Meibomian glands 11; Blink function 11; Symptoms 12; Risk factors and causes 12; Conventional approach 17; Artificial tears 18; Punctal occlusion 18; Home treatment 19; Complementary approach 21; Nutrients 21; Diet 27; Lifestyle 33; Other modalities 37; Chinese medicine 37; Mental body:meditation 47; Herbal tea 50; Essential oils 50;Visual hygiene 53; On the horizon 63: Resource/supplements 65

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