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Natural Eye Care Series: Cataracts

Natural Eye Care Series: Cataracts
Natural Eye Care Series: Cataracts
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Product Description

Natural Eye Care Series: Cataracts offers a unique approach to supporting healthy vision from early childhood to mature age, with the understanding that healthy vision relies on overall health and emotional health. Filled with wisdom and insight of both ancient and modern-day healing methods, this book integrates a wide range of alternative therapies as they apply to health of the lens.

This book will help you make sensible, re-searched, and clinically based decisions to support lens health with recommendations that include Western herbs, nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, and additional therapies. You will learn about the underlying causes and be given tools and techniques to develop your own eye health strategies. If a specific problem, cluster of symptoms, or changes in vision occur please consult your eye doctor.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface 5 Cataracts 7 What are Cataracts? 7 Types and Prevalence 7 About the Lens 11 Signs and Symptoms 12 Causes and Risk Factors 13 Conventional Treatment 15 Complementary Approac19 Diet..31 Lifestyle.45 Non Drug Eye Drop Recommendations.51 Exercise 53 Other Modalities 57 On the Horizon 61 Appendix 1.. .63 Appendix 2. .65 Resources/Supplements 45

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