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The best natural dental book for doggies.

Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene ..and more! FREE EBOOK
Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene ..and more! FREE EBOOK
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Product Description

Deer velvet, Manuka honey and Propolis are valuable for treating a myriad of illnesses. Not only have these ingredients helped animals to balance their immune system, recover from joint problems, restore normal skin function, enhance red blood cell production, and improve reproductive activity, but it is a great adjunct therapy for dental health. In this small book you will discover how the treatment of the mouth in pets can foster better wellness by addressing their whole immune system. In comparison to other pet products that claim to treat dental problems, the ingredients we discuss are far superior in that they go beyond removing plaque and can have far reaching systemic benefits when absorbed through the gums, saliva glands and when swallowed. You will also discover how to properly rehydrate your pooch to support the immune system and fight dental problems in the future. In the back of this book you will find a resource directory of products that support what we offer in the following pages.

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