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Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene...and more!

Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene ..and more!
Natural Doggie Dental Hygiene ..and more!
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Product Description

The reason our poor doggies get dental disease is mainly caused by the lack of dental hygiene and in-home dental care. Dogs need regular teeth cleaning by veterinarians to have their plaque removed. If care isn’t taken to address this the plaque can turn to calculus and cavities may occur. In addition, poor dental hygiene can cause the gums to be affected along with allowing bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause systemic illnesses.

Prevention is the key to keeping your doggie’s mouth healthy. This book discusses cutting edge product ingredients that are natural and can be extremely beneficial to in-home dental care. Also included is a list of potentially harmful ingredients that may be additives in pet dental products that you should avoid when keeping your pet’s mouth healthy.

A chapter on the importance of electrolytes to support the immune system is included. Dogs need “sports drinks” too, and these should include the whole range of ionic trace minerals to help maintain teeth integrity and prevent dehydration.

Chapter one: dental disease in dogs 7 Chapter two: prevention 11 manuka honey 11 bioactive new zealand velvet antler 12 propolis 15 cinnamon 16 vitamin c 17 healthy diet 17 probiotics 18 peppermint 21 oregano oil 21 coconut oil 22 raw bones 22 Chapter three: ingredients to question 23 Chapter four: rehydrating for tooth health 33 Resource directory 39


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