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Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs

Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs
Item# lower-blood-pressure-without-drugs

Product Description

This book is the most researched, comprehensive and effective book on lowering blood pressure in print. Here you find endless scientific, international, published clinical proof of everything you read. You donít lower blood pressure by covering up the symptoms with toxic, expensive drugs with serious side effects. These poisons shorten your life, and hurt the quality of your life. The vast majority of books on curing hypertension naturally simply donít work, and are full of misinformation.With natural medicine you treat the cause of your problems with diet and lifestyle. Diet cures disease. Diet is everything. Diet lowers your blood pressure. †Diet and lifestyle are the only real cure. Diet, proven supplements, natural hormones, exercise, weekly fasting, refusing all prescription drugs and medical treatments, and cutting back or ending any bad habits like coffee is the only real cure. A total program of diet and lifestyle is necessary

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