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Item# homeopathic-hgh

Product Description

HGH 1 OZ. spray

HGH is an amazing healer in anti-aging that is natures way. Without interfering with other supplements or medications, the sublingual liquid spray penetrates faster and is easier to use than tablets. 1 ounce spray bottle.

Growth Hormone is excellent for everyone over 25 years old. According to some medical research reports, it offers strong Positive-Aging benefits such as better health and longevity, enhanced energy and more.

The following are some of the reported benefits of taking HGH after just 6 months: increased energy/better sleep, reduction of wrinkles, reduction of skin problems (including scalp), improved nail growth/cuticle improvement, improved digestion, improved sexual function, reduction of PMS and menopausal symptoms, reduced inflamation in joints/skin/organs, pain reduction, better mental clarity/memory, increased stamina and fat reduction/better muscle tone.

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