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Women pilots: Modern trailblazers

Flying Above the Glass Ceiling
Flying Above the Glass Ceiling
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Retired corporate pilot, Nina Anderson not only tells her story but worked in collaboration with several other women pilots who forged new territory in the 1970s and 1980s by being the first hired by their airline or their corporate flight department. In a time when women were mostly excluded from executive positions, including the front office of a jet, these woman persevered. Their stories give inspiration to anyone who has the qualifications to achieve their career goal but finds the door closed for any number of reasons. In her book, Flying Above the Glass Ceiling she takes us through the accomplishments of women flyers from the 1800s right through present day, noting their specific struggles of entering a manís occupation and giving insight into what it was that kept them moving toward their dream. Giving us a glimpse of their personal stories, their triumphs and disappointments, we are taught lessons that can apply to anyone persueing their chosen career.

Modern pioneer women pilots who tell their stories include Julie Clark, Bonnie Tiburzi, Emily Howell, Karen Kahn, Gail Gorski, Connie Tobias, Stephanie Wallach, Katha House, Susan Anderson, Cher Hanssen, Valerie Wells, Anne Armstrong, Diane Wilson, Beth Jenkins, Kim Kosciusko, Rebbeca Stewart with a humorous epilogue by Lynn Thoma.

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