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Fitness for Golfers Handbook

Fitness for Golfers Handbook
Item# fitness-for-golfers-handbook

Product Description

The Fitness for Golfers Handbook Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level

By Don Tinder

ISBN: 0-9701110-1-0 Price: $ 14.95 US / $ 19.95 CAN 128 pages This book will teach you fitness to reach the next level of golfing performance. Included: exercises to help you achieve a more effective swing, cardio training, golfing nutrition, injury prevention.

The following is excerpted from The Fitness for Golfers Handbook: Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level by Don E. Tinder and Rummel Wagner. Copyright 1998. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved

From Chapter One--What Are the Pros Saying? Professional Golfers Talk About the Role of Fitness In Golf.

How many times have you watched your favorite golfer smash a drive straight down the fairway or sink an impossible putt on the 18th hole to win a championship? It's inspiring to watch these pros play with such seemingly effortless skill and finesse. Ever wonder how they stay so consistent, hole after challenging hole?

One major reason is many professional golfers are taking the time to stay physically fit. Pros like Tiger Woods, Hale Irwin, Tom Kite, Gary Player, Davis Love III, Ernie Els, Nancy Lopez, Michelle McGann, to name but a few, maintain a regular exercise regimen to give themselves the competitive edge and to play at their very best. Along with instruction and practice, many of these pros are incorporating stretching, strengthening, aerobics, and good nutrition into their golfing preparation. In fact, many golfers are making fitness a daily part of their lives! Among the many benefits, these professionals know that regular exercise can: 1) enhance strength and flexibility, 2) increase energy and endurance, 3) improve consistency and control, 4) increase self-confidence, 5) reduce the chance for injury, and, let's not forget 6) improve muscle tone and weight control.

"My experience as an instructor and coach to some of the greatest players in golf history has demonstrated to me that no matter how talented a player is, they will never reach their true potential unless they are willing to take the necessary time to stay physically fit. Golf is like many other sports that require the athlete to be in top condition BEFORE they play, not just when they perform poorly or suffer injury." (Butch Harmon--Instructor to Tiger Woods)

"In the future, fitness is going to play a big part in golf. As a teacher, I believe in the holistic approach -- golfing technique, fitness, mental (preparation), and nutrition. I utilize it for the average golfer and touring pro as well -- cardiovascular training, strength, and especially flexibility. I think fitness plays an important part in mental discipline -- being tired coming down the last few holes can lead to letting a few shots slip away. I think players who feel fit feel that they have the edge. I'm a big believer in fitness, and if golfers take the time to stay fit they can reach their goals." (David Leadbetter--Instructor to Greg Norman)

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