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Eye Care Naturally

Eye Care Naturally
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Product Description

Eye Care NaturallyBy E. Michael Geiger, O.D.ISBN: 1-884820-72-7Price: $8.95 US / $12.95 CAN56 pages

This book provides methods that may prevent or slow down the progression of eye disease. In some cases for which there is no medical treatment, Eye Care Naturally offers suggestions that may reverse the condition.Many physicians tell their patients that, "there is nothing that can be done for your condition." They continue to advise that the only course of action is to wait for the eventual surgery or even blindness. They are advised to return for an eye checkup in three months, or six months, so the doctor can determine how much vision has been lost. In the opinion of the author, this is nonsense! Wait and do nothing except worry about the inevitable?This book provides the reader with an understanding of some common eye afflictions that affect, or will affect, most of us including our relatives and friends. Conditions covered include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, styes, dry eye, red eye and computer eyestrain. It is not a technical digest, but rather is written in larger, easy-to-read type as an easy-to-understand concise guide that can give you alternatives to surgery or drug treatment.Eye Care Naturally provides the reader with suggestions on how he or she may be able to avoid some specific eye afflictions, postponing their occurrence, or treating them in a nonmedical fashion.

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