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electroblast bulk pak

electroblast bulk pak
Item# electroblast-bulk-pak
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Product Description

We are now offering the same great Original formula in 2 oz. pump bottles. You get a healthy discount if you order them in bulk. This product saves waste in the environment and standardizes our product line. We are sorry if you loved the packets but you will still get the same benefit from the bottles.

Bulk electroBlast Same great electroblast Lemon-lime with stevia in an economical 5 pak bag.

electroBlast individual bottles when squirted into water provide other essential electrolytes for rehydration needed after sports workouts, for home or at work, especially in dry indoor winter environments. Behind the proprietary micronutrient blend of trace minerals in electroBlast is a history of over thirty years of research. Supplements based on this research have been successfully sold as an electrolyte solution for decades. When pumped into water electroBlast creates an electrolyte drink in a refreshing natural sweet flavor, without unnecessary calories and additives typified by many electrolyte replacement drinks on the market today. It is also an alternative drink for people with diabetes as it contains no refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or carbohydrates.


With its thirst-quenching natural lemon lime flavor electroBlast tastes great and readily encourages rehydration when dissolved in water (dissolve in 8 oz. or more of water). Can be used in your sports water bottle for a cool drink or in a mug of hot water for a winter pick-me-up.

Drink may be diluted with more water to suit individual tastes.

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