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electroBlast original formula now in 2oz. bottle

electroblast Original Formula Lemon-Lime with stevia
electroblast Original Formula Lemon-Lime with stevia
Item# electroblast-12-pak-b12

Product Description

We are now offering the same great Original formula in 2 oz. pump bottles. You get a healthy discount if you order them in bulk. This product saves waste in the environment and standardizes our product line. We are sorry if you loved the packets but you will still get the same benefit from the bottles.

TESTIMONIAL: I typically exercise 2 1/2 hours 4-5 times a week. When my doctor recommended it to replace the Gatorade I was drinking for electrolyte replacement and provided me with samples, I immediately saw the benefits. It is very low in calories, tasty, effective and reasonably priced. I know using it has improved my own health and would recommend it to any athlete seeking electrolyte replacement. Susan Mann, MD

ElectroBlast Lemon-Lime with stevia makes a great sports drink! electroBlast is low calorie (5) and when poured into water provide other essential electrolytes for rehydration needed after sports workouts, for home or at work, especially in dry indoor winter environments. When dissolved in water electroBlast creates an electrolyte drink in a refreshing natural sweet flavor, without unnecessary calories and additives typified by many electrolyte replacement drinks on the market today. It is also an alternative drink for people with diabetes as it contains no refined sugar, artificial sweetners or carbohydrates.


Behind the proprietary micronutrient blend of trace minerals in electroBlast is a history of over thirty years of research. Supplements based on this research have been successfully sold as an electrolyte solution for decades.With its thirst-quenching natural lemon lime flavor electroBlast tastes great and readily encourages rehydration when dissolved in water (pour into 8-16 oz. or more of water). Can be used in your sports water bottle for a cool drink or in a mug of hot water for a winter pick-me-up. Drink may be diluted with more water to suit individual tastes.

Finally! A rehydration drink without excess sodium or sugar.

Nina Anderson, a commercial pilot needing a flavorful electrolyte drink to stay hydrated, keep mentally alert and avoid fatigue in the cockpit, was frustrated with the sugar-laden choices she found at airports. She teamed up with expert formulators and introduced an electrolyte effervescent supplement, electroBlast™ three years ago. Since then research has warned against sports drinks with excess sodium. Coaches and parents were wary and avoided giving children full-strength sports drinks. Nina’s company, LJB Piper, had electroBlast™ reformulated to reduce sodium levels but still provide the 12 trace minerals needed to properly form electrolytes in the body. The new individually-packaged liquid electroBlast drink supplement is a healthy alternative to sports drinks that contain dyes, sugars and high sodium levels. It is an ideal substitute for high calorie sports and soft drinks, coffees, and teas as it offers rehydration and great taste, and because its lightweight and portable can be consumed virtually anywhere you find water.

With a focus on the growing obesity problem among children and adults in the USA, LJB Piper created a drink that contains less than 5 calories and with pleasant flavor that is delivered without using sugar or artificial sweeteners. The newly improved electroBlast has been well received by sporting enthusiasts who include athletes, runners, bikers, hikers, military personnel, diabetics, dieters and by people interested in a naturally-healthy beverage. Many parents have voiced their thanks because they don’t have to water it down to limit their child’s intake of sodium or sugar. Parents of military personnel fighting in hot climates such as Iraq have said it’s a lifesaver. It seems this product is filling a long-needed niche in the sports drink marketplace.

The company took special care to make electroBlast a naturally better product. Each electroBlast electro-pak contains a combination of electrolyte-forming minerals, including Selenium, Chromium, Manganese, Zinc, Cobalt, Silica, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium Iodine, Boron, and Copper. The proprietary micronutrient blend of trace minerals, which is the cornerstone of the ingredients, has been marketed as an electrolyte formula for over two decades. electroBlast is an improved portable version of this formula and is naturally low-calorie with no artificial sweeteners or sugar.

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