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The Efficacy of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice PDF by PJ Broadfoot, DVM and Nina Anderson, SPN

The Efficacy of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice PDF
The Efficacy of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice PDF
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Product Description

The history of antler as a medicinal substance stretches back thousands of years. New research suggests that therapies based on New Zealand velvet antler can provide a natural, holistic treatment for acute and chronic inflammations including joints, skin, and other body tissues by modulating and balancing the immune system, and it can provide some normalization of the endocrine system. Consider the regenerative potential of deer antler. This book summarizes some of the clinical evidence and benefits to small animals, and can provide a valuable resource to veterinary practitioners.

Table of Contents

Chapter One Snapshot of the efficacy of Deer Velvet Antler in Animals.

Chapter Two The Many Uses of Velvet Antler in Veterinary Practice.

Chapter Three Pharmacology of Velvet Antler

Chapter Four Velvet Antler for Osteoarthritis A potential alternative to drugs or surgery

Chapter Five Clinical Trials and Research

Chapter Six Velvet Antler A Word about Cancer

Chapter Seven Velvet Antler. On the Cutting Edge ‒ Stem Cell Research

Conclusion Research Directory 64

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