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Curcumin is not just for inflammation

Curcumin not just for inflammation
Curcumin not just for inflammation
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Product Description

Oregon State University scientists* recently discovered that curcumin can cause a measurable increase in levels of a protein that’s know to be important in the “innate” immune system, helping to prevent infection in humans. Findings by the Linus Pauling Institute showed that an antimicrobial peptide (CAMP) is what helps the immune system fight off various bacteria, viruses or fungi. Vitamin D is known to increase CAMP levels but now curcumin can help as well. Although not as potent as vitamin D, curcumin did raise CAMP levels to almost triple. This CAMP peptide appears to have the ability to kill a broad range of bacteria, including those that cause tuberculosis.

We also found that curcumin which is often used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, helps the liver produce bile, which is essential in moving toxins out of the body before they create chronic inflammation and fatigue. In addition as we have mentioned in other articles, curcumin is used in treating cases of cancer, strokes and heart attacks that may be triggered by chronic inflammation. And as we have mentioned before, it is best taken as a supplement that is made up of a patented complex containing curcuminoids.

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