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Creme Sauvage for Women

Creme Sauvage for Women
Creme Sauvage for Women
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Product Description

Product Description Especially for Men Creme Sauvage women's skin care formulas nourish and hydrate your face gently, sothing and softening ,while giving your skin a healthy youthful glow.

All our products are plant based made of naturally derived and organic, soothing, healing oils, herbs, and all natural and organic fruit butters.

Our unique formulas help diminish lines, repair wrinkles, retard aging, and protect your delicate skin. Never greasy they give your skin a youthful glow and protect day and night outdoors or in.

The fruit, nut, and herbally derived ingredients used in Creme Sauvage cremes have centuries of safe use to reccomend them for modern skin care, healing and conditioning. If these ingredients are so good, why don''t large cosmetic companies use them? The answer is simple, by their very nature plant based ingredients are never exactly the same batch to batch, each crop or harvest is slightly different so it becomes virtually impossible to use these in large continuous batch production lines. Small batch production in a certified organic lab allows us to carefully control and adjust each batch according to the ingredients. This small scale production is perfect for these carefully crafted ingredients, sourced from many countries, to come together in the perfect healing cremes you have here.

The line of products developed by Organique Sauvages is based on these first two extremely desirable and already acclaimed face creams: Our products are fragrance free and contain no dyes or coloring agents.

Our products contain many of these primary ingredients:

Aloe Vera,

Apricot Kernel Oil

Avocado Butter

Coconut Oil Virgin

Hempseed Butter



Kokum Butter

Meadowfoam Oil

Olive Butter Virgin

Rosehip Seed Oil

Shea Butter


Beta Carotene

Pro-Vitamin B5


Vitamin C

Vegetable Glycerin

Black Willowbark extract





Vitamin E (antioxidant & preservative)

Green Bancha Tea


Ginko Biloba

Horsetail Leaf

2 oz. $47.00 .

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