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Jayne Murray's Road to Recovery from cancer reprinted from the Bedford Times

Cancer survivor Jayne Murray's story
Cancer survivor Jayne Murray's story
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Jayne Blodgett Murray used to be a prominent presence in the town of Bedford. Although she now resides in Mayville, Wisconsin, where she owns a bed and breakfast, she had been a Bedford realtor with Ginnel Real Estate, as well as a personal friend of John F. Kennedy. She's published a memoir entitled The River's Bend, which is the story of her life, modeling career, her friendship with the President, and her life in Bedford.

Jane Blodgett Murray and her son, James Murray. Recently, Jayne Murray has been battling breast cancer. The first time she visited the doctor, she was advised to return in three-to-six months since the problem wasn't detected originally. Her son, James, says, "A lot can happen in three-to-six-months." The next time she returned to the doctor, Ms. Murray was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer, which required immediate treatment. When discussing the stress of finding the right doctor, James said, "It was like a jungle."

While the doctors she had been seeing told her it was necessary to use a conventional method of treatment along with surgery to fight the cancer, Ms. Murray decided to use a different approach. Along with radiation, she relied on the help of Bedford resident, Doctor Vijaya Nair, and Nina Anderson, a specialist in performance nutrition and CEO of natural supplement manufacturer LJB Piper. Ms. Murray consumed a powdered mixture of Jiva, a fermented soy, to help battle her illness.

When Ms. Murray first visited a doctor, this treatment was considered controversial by her conventional doctors. None of them thought that using Jiva would actually help in curing her. In fact, one doctor even refused to continue working with her because she wanted to continue to take Jiva, rather than have surgery. "I called Nina and said, 'My doctor fired me!”, Ms. Murray jokes.

About a year ago, Jayne Murray started seeing a new doctor who supported her use of the fermented soy. With the help of Jiva, the tumor began to dissipate more quickly than doctors believed it would. Ideally, Ms. Murray hopes to be able to discontinue her conventional treatments in the future.

Her son, James, said, "I think my mom is reaching a crossroads and saying, “Well, what should I do next? Should I continue down this path or are there other options? Things are going well, but maybe they could be better." She wants to know "whether I need to keep doing what I'm doing for the rest of my life, or if I can just have some ice cream!"

If you would like to purchase her book, it can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or Amazon, and can be downloaded on a Kindle.

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