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Cancer Disarmed: Amazing fermented soy adjunct treatment.

Cancer Disarmed - book
Cancer Disarmed - book
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Cancer Disarmed Expanded - Revised Edition By Nina Anderson

ISBN: 1-884820-73-5

Price: $7.95 US

72 pages

The healing benefits of fermented and nitrogenated soy. Clinical and testimonial documentation on a plant-based formula that has been used for treating leukemia, melanoma, A.I.D.S. related carcinoma, breast cancer and many other diseases with overwhelming results.


By Nina Anderson

I have been doing research now for several years on many nutritional supplements and healing foods including soy. I became aware specifically of the advantages of the more digestible versions (fermented) of this beneficial food familiarized myself with the medicinal powers of the soy supplementation process that reduces the constituents into a small form that can easily enter a cell. Having known of the benefits of tiny crystalloid mineral molecules that can penetrate cells to improve cellular function, I learned of a soy product with similar attributes.

My interest in nutritional disease-fighting properties, always left me in a state of consternation over the many types of cancer and its lethal power. To understand how a cancer cell works and what can be used to undermine its deadly assignment, by studying this new soy therapy, was exciting and important. The disarming of cancer cells through nitrogenation of a soy phytochemical supplement, has treatment promise on a wide scale. It is a real advance in adjuvant (helping) cancer therapy, one that cannot be ignored. To help with understanding how disease impacts the body, I have used several informational platforms including a presentation of the immune system fighting an intergalactic conflict.

The soy therapy outlined to disarm cancer cells, does not exclude current medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. Nor is the immune system ignored in the battle to minimize and dispose cancer cells. This soy therapy approach may give you a new perspective, even when used as treatment, for what are regarded as the "low survival" cancers. The research studies I was privileged to review, are from respected medical sources, primarily conducted in China. The Chinese were one of the first countries to understand and identify the healing properties of phytochemicals from soy plants. The testimonials we reveal in Chapter One are true and accountable. The majority of these survivors have medical file documentation, with backup from attending, licensed physicians to attest to their stories. I hope you will find this information as exciting as I have and will share it with your friends and family. -Nina Anderson, ISSA certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition

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