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Beta sitosterol

Better Prostate discontinued - see Better Cholesterol
Better Prostate discontinued - see Better Cholesterol
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Product Description

Better Prostate (replaced by Better Cholesterol) includes beta sitosterol, which has been shown in studies to be a potent killer of cancer cells in test tubes. This label has been discontinued.

The ingredients are the same as in our Better Cholesterol so for the same benefits please order that label now.

Beta sitosterol according to doctors at Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute, slowed the growth of colonic tumors when fed to rats. At the Univ. of Frauenklin in Germany, men with prostate tumors were given beta-sitosterol which slowed tumor growth by decreasing their prostaglandin content.

At the Nat. Institute of Health in Maryland, scientists studied the chemopreventive properties of beta- sitosterol. This means that it helps prevent cancer, when known carcinogens are given to laboratory animals.

Studies have been done, expecially at the Univ. of Stellenbosch in South Africa, on improving the immune system by simply adding beta-sitosterol to the diet of humans. Runners ran better under the influence of this supplement. T-cell activity in the blood was improved, lymphocytes grew faster and natural killer cell (NK-cell) function was improved. This means the runner''s immune systems were functioning better.

Beta-sitosterol used in Europe as Permixon, Harzon, Tadenan and other brands.

Abstracts: Doctors did a classic double blind study on 100 men. They concluded "thus as predicted by pharmacologyical and biochemical studies PA 109 (4 tables of Permixon daily) would appear to be a useful therapeutic tool in the treatment of BPH." -Hospital Ambroise, Paris, France. Double blind study as reported in the British Jnl. Clin. Pharmacology, v. 18, 1984

Zahradnik and other doctors demonstrated that beta-sitosterols taken from star grass (Harzon supplement), lowered prostaglandin levels. - Klinishche Endokrinologie, Freiburg, Germany, v. 18, 1980.

A review of studies over a 31 year period used 18 different international trials involving 1,939 men with BPH. They were treated with strong extracts of saw palmetto standardized for beta-sitosterol content and evidence suggested that the extract improves urologic symptoms and flow measures. Jnl. of Am. Med. Assn., v. 280, 1998.

For more information, Please read Roger Masons book, The Natural Prostate Cure.

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