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Better Cholesterol

Better Cholesterol
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Product Description

Better Cholesterol Ingredients:

Beta-sitosterol 300 mg (2 tablets)plus beta glucan

Beta-Sitosterolis a laboratory-proven, natural, and very effective treatment for high cholesterol levels.

300 mg of mixed plant sitosterols to help normalize cholesterol levels. Over 30 years of clinical studies on this.

Natural Cholesterol® is the cornerstone of a program for any individual who wants to help normalize their cholesterol naturally. Each caplet contains 300 mg of the four plant sterols. Science has shown that the beta-sitosterol complex commonly derived from soy beans or sugar cane, is a powerful supplement to help normalize blood lipids (fats).

Suggested Use: Take 1 - 2 a day. For best results, take with 1-2 grams of flax oil & 40 mg of soy isoflavones.

Other Ingredients: : stearic acid, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, microcyrstalline cellulose, crosscarmellose sodium , silica

*Daily Recommended Value Not Established.

60 caplet bottle

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