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Immunity, a beta glucan immune enhancer

Beta Glucan (Immunity) recommended by author, Roger Mason
Beta Glucan (Immunity) recommended by author, Roger Mason
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Product Description

Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide that is found in such foods as oats, barley, mushrooms and yeasts which has been known to scientists as a food constituent for decades. Chemically we need to be concerned that what we buy is a true 1,3 D-beta glucan. This means it is a basic position on the glucose chain. Major benefits to taking beta glucan stems from the nutrients ability to enhance your immune system.

If you have benign or malignant tumors it is a powerful helper as stated in Roger Mason's book, What is Beta Glucan? It is an effective way to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, especially when used with other natural supplements. The effects on your skin (especially on your face) are dramatic when applied to repair damaged skin from enivornmental pollution, UV radiation, smoke, bacteria and free radicals. Beta Glucan has been used in the treatment of blood sugar levels and diabetes. At Ehime University in Japan in 1992, (Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, vol 17, pg 75-9) a study confirmed that rats diabetes rate was lowered from 43.3% to 6% simply by giving them mushroom beta glucan. These rats stayed free from diabetes after the protocol was discontinued. Alpha-Beta Technology received a patent for beta glucan stimulating platelet production in human blood and made claims to improving the metabolism of blood including tumor necrosis factor stimulation, phagocytes, stimulation of cytokines and general immunology. They also claimed topical application promoted wound healing and eliminated experimental wound-induced Staph infection.


Beta Glucan ingredients: 200mg beta glucan Dosage: 1-2 daily

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