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Travel version of the powerful Ageless Secret.

Ageless Secret Original
Ageless Secret Original
Item# ageless-secret-original

Product Description

This stuff really works..... makes you look years younger and I'm not just saying that to sell product.... Nina (Longlifecatalogs)

Our supercharged formula that''s the favorite of plastic surgeons and upscale spas and salons! Much more concentrated and stronger than the less expensive product.

The preferred choice for the FASTEST results.

Beauty experts know that applying a beauty mask temporarily lifts, firms and tones skin. But most masks are sticky or oily, sit on top of the skin, and are quite noticeable and therefore must be washed off. Announcing The Ageless Secret…the world’s first and only daily wear, everywhere, INVISIBLE BEAUTY MASK that will lift, firm and tone your face ALL DAY LONG! It is never sticky or oily, and it is so amazing that it leaves absolutely no residue and in fact, beautifully hydrates skin so you don’t have to remove it.

Instead of getting only the temporary results from a typical beauty mask, you can cheat “OLD AGE” and get the results of a beauty mask all day every day…and because it is constantly lifting, firming and toning your skin it trains your skin to resist looking old. The revolutionary formula even allows you to use it through makeup with no mess, and results are so fantastic that if used daily. The Ageless Secret is also an incredible new kind of moisturizer that is totally healthy for your skin. Beautifully hydrates, softens and dramatically improves skin suppleness to fight wrinkles and the first signs of aging. It even works on aging skin in a tanning booth! The unique technology that makes this all possible also makes people look less fatigued. The Ageless Secret relies on harmless and time-tested, all natural ingredients combined into a gentle formulation using The Ageless Secret's exclusive homeopathic-like manufacturing technology.

Ingredients: You benefit because The Ageless Secret Gold formula is made using only ingredients that are healthy for the body. The ingredients in this completely non-toxic product are: Purified water, MSM, Aloe and Trace Minerals, catalyzed with Niacin, Ho Shou Wu, Helichrysum and Cayenne Pepper. All the ingredients have gone through our unique special process so tiny amounts improve performance without objectionable odors, unpleasant textures, or side effects.

* The Ageless Secret™ is a magical, miracle, mist that temporarily lifts, firms, tones and hydrates skin… like a beauty mask. * However, beauty masks are typically worn only for short periods of time because they are very noticeable, feel uncomfortable and cannot be worn over make up. * Theoretically, if one could wear a beauty mask all day, every day, one could look years younger. * The Ageless Secret can be worn all day, every day, because it is invisible, feels great and never needs to be washed off.

These advantages make it possible to see long-term results.

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