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Aero 600 Screen Cleaner

Aero 600 Biodegradable Screen Cleaner
Aero 600 Biodegradable Screen Cleaner
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Product Description

he secret formula used in the film and photography industry, is now available for the aviation community! Eliminate fingerprints, streaks, dust, dirt, oils, from your avionics, glass cockpit screens, electronic flight bags, GPS screens, Laptop, and plasma screens.

Aero 600 tested for well over three years by professionals in the aviation industry with outstanding results. It's designed to have industrial strength; be powerful, yet mild and gentle to your screens.

Aero 600 is also safe for use on Laptop & TFT LCD screens, LCD, Plasma & Projection TVs (LCD and Projection screens have a soft membrane in place of glass which can easily be degraded by harsh chemicals. Plasma screens have a thin delicate protective coating which also can be damaged.

Electronics-safe Non streaking All-natural Contains no harsh solvents No ammonia or alcohol-based products 100% biodegradable

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