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Aaargh! Menopause. 2 easy solutions for hot flashes, low libido, fatigue, during menopause and after.

Aaaargh! Menopause paperback
Aaaargh! Menopause paperback
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Product Description

You could search in Internet for days on how to combat your hot flashes, mood swings, and fatigue that come with menopause. But, in this book you'll discover the two best ways to deal with menopause and post-menopause effects that may help you stay “young-er”. If you are like me you cringe at the thought of having to spend each morning sorting out your menopause-fighting regime. If you could just start with two things, maybe that would be easier. This book isn’t a major intensive read, but in an hour or so you can get the information, clinical proof (don’t just take my word for it) and even some testimonials on what ancient civilizations and the current Asians use primarily as a women’s tonic for this stage of life.

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