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4 Easy Hydration electrolyte concentrate

4 Easy Hydration electrolyte concentrate
4 Easy Hydration electrolyte concentrate
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Product Description

Unflavored, unsweetened multi-electrolyte concentrate for the body and the brain.

The minerals offered in this product include electrolyte forming minerals and a Proprietary Micronutrient Blend, successful in the marketplace for over a decade.

Electrolytes, derived from minerals, are found in fluids within (i.e. potassium ions) and around (i.e. sodium ions) the body's cells. When dissolved in fluids, electrolytes separate into electrically charged ions which help perform critical functions including contraction of muscles, transmission of nerve impulses, maintenance of proper bodily fluid levels, balancing the alkalinity/acidity of these fluids, enzymatic reactions. In other words, electrolytes provide the "spark" for the body's electrical system. This electrical system must function properly to maintain cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems. electroBlast is a portable liquid concentrate offering essential minerals and including a proprietary micronutrient blend, and in the flavored product, the stevia herb. When squirted into water, the resultant electrolyte drink is ideal for instant hydration in a refreshingly natural and tasty lemon-lime flavor, without unnecessary carbs, calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors typified by many electrolyte drinks on the market today.

The proprietary micronutrient blend in 4 Easy Hydration has been formulated to include a balance of essential trace minerals in an ionic, bioavailable form to promote electrolytic activity. Over thirty years of research are behind this formula, and liquid supplements based on this research have been successfully sold as an electrolyte solution for over a decade.

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