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Pet Immune Plus (Del-Immune with colostrum)

Pet Immune Plus with colostrum for strong immune support
Pet Immune Plus with colostrum for strong immune support
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Product Description

This product made my 20 year old cat young again... ask me about it.. call 888-217-7233

Pet Immune Plus™ provides immediate immune support for your dog or cat.

A strong immune system helps protect your pet from invading bacteria and viruses. Immune-related disorders benefit from the immediate immune support. Our advanced formula strengthens the overall immune system and provides relief for puppies, adults, and senior pets who suffer from these illnesses or diseases: •Allergies •Asthma •Cancer •Chronic infections •Dental disease •Eye infections •Respiratory problems •Skin irritations •Urinary tract infections

Puppies – Making the natural transition from their mothers’ immunity to their own may leave pups with a gap in disease protection. The additional stress that comes with moving from birthplace to a forever home leaves many puppies vulnerable to illness. Immediate immune system support may make all the difference in the world.

Adults – When mature dogs and cats explore their environments, they breathe, touch, or swallow substances that may threaten their well- being. A healthy immune system kicks in and provides protection.

Seniors – As our pets age, they lose interest in eating and exercising. This frequently decreases the strength of their immune systems and their ability to fight off infection and disease.

Pet Immune Plus™ closes the immune gap throughout the life of your pet. Our product contains Del-Immune V®, colostrum, and natural wheyprotein powder, with no fillers, grains or artificial ingredients.

1 jar = 80 servings for most pets (40 for large dogs) scoop included.


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