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Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH Expanded Edition

Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH
Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH
Item# feeling-younger-with-homeopathic-hgh

Product Description

By Dr. H. A. Davis

ISBN: 1-884820-58-1 Price: $ 7.95 US / $ 11.95 CAN 64 pages An expanded version, 64 pages of the previous booklet of the leading edge for anti-aging. This is for anyone who wants to stay young at any age.

"Like virgin parchment, capable of any inscription said the English poet Phillip Messinger of youth in the 1600s. Years later, in 1989, Daniel Rudman M.D. took 12 men aged 61-81 whose parchment" was no longer "virgin" but brittle and difficult of "inscription" and injected them, not with fresh ink from a quill pen, but with a strange wonderful substance called Growth Hormone. At the end of Dr. Rudmans experiment he did write about "youth" on July 5, 1990 in the New England Journal of Medicine, The effects of six months of human Growth Hormone on lean body mass and adipose (fat) tissue mass were equivalent in magnitude to the changes incurred during 10 - 20 years of aging. In other words these men experienced a reversal of the aging process! All of these men experienced re-contouring of their former flabby aging bodies. At least one mans hair was turning to its natural color, others experienced greater energy and one manís wrinkles disappeared. Also, most of these men were now enjoying renewed sex lives.

Dr. Rudman summarized the clinical results that were to make history; The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed." A new book, Feeling Younger with Homeopathic HGH provides needed information on not only the benefits of hGH, but the different approaches to supplementation and possible side-effects. This book answers every readers question, how much do I need and in what form should I take hGH. The author, Dr. H. A. Davis who serves on the board of the American Holistic Health Association, describes Growth Hormone injections, secretagogues and homeopathic growth hormone supplementation. A chapter is provided in which the most commonly asked questions are answered such as: Will HGH interfere with medications;. What if I stop taking GH? Will I instantly age?; Does HGH harm the organs of the body like the heart or liver? In a clear, concise manner Dr. Davis puts our mind at ease and convinces us that the benefits of HGH, primarily in the homeopathic form, are highly effective at reducing many symptoms normally associated with the aging process.

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