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Equipment/cellphone diode 4 pack

Diode 4 pack
Diode 4 pack
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Product Description

When the Natural Diode Formula is placed on your cell phone or any high technology device, the energy frequency of the harmful EMF’s being emitted will be neutralize. The harmful energy frequency will be changed to a more harmonious energy that will not harm or affect the polarities (energies) of the human body.

Other Uses of the Cell Phone/Multi Purpose Diode

Electrical devices: Kitchen Appliances Washing machines/Dryers Computers Microwaves Office Equipment Toys DVD/Blu-Ray Players Cordless phones Televisions

Wireless devices:

Keyboards/Mouse Routers/Modems Laptops/Notebooks Tablets/e-Books Radio receivers Microphones Media streaming systems Baby monitors Cordless telephone headsets Remotes Smart television

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