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ClearMind for brain health and stress relief

ClearMind for brain health
ClearMind for brain health
Item# clearmind

Product Description

Clear Mind is a unique proprietary blend of the following nutraceutical extracts: Rosavin (Rhodiola Rosea) Rhodenol (Rhododendron Caucasicum) Neuroguard (European Black Currant Extract 5%)

Together they create extraordinary medicinal benefits, that in Russia have been used to relieve: STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, FATIGUE REDUCE WEIGHT GAIN, CHOLESTEROL AND ACT AS AN ANTI-AGING FORMULA.

This proprietary blend has been gathered from Russia, Siberia and the Republic of Georgia where the rate of people living to 100 years of age and older is 85 times higher than that of the U.S. These people also have less heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, gout and allergies. Clinical studies on these nutraceuticals encompass 35-46 years.

Comes in 60 capusule bottle = 1 months supply

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