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Amazing Aminos 180 veggie caps

Amazing Aminos
Amazing Aminos
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Product Description

Amazing Aminos
AMAZING AMINOS consists of amino acids, short peptides and minerals that are derived from the finest Norwegian Atlantic Salmon. Most amino acid supplements are produced by industrial processes using bacteria or other synthetic processes while ours comes from a living organism Salmon. Our amino acids are perfectly balanced in the naturally proportioned amounts needed to build new proteins and to support healthy physiological processes.

Provides a full complement of amino acids. 180 veggie caps.

AMAZING AMINOS contains all the non-essential amino acids (which can normally be synthesized by the body), as well as all essential amino acids (those which must be obtained from the diet). Altogether it contains 26 amino acids, including some that have not previously been available in any formulations. 20 of these amino acids are required to build human protein; the other 6 have important physiological effects.

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